13 News Special Report: Could you survive an active shooter situation?

Have you ever wondered how you'd react if someone entered your workplace with a gun? After mass shooting situations like Sandy Hook and San Bernardino, it's clear now more than ever that tragedy can happen anywhere.

Precision Pump and Valve Vice President Kevin Kemerer said its hard not to worry about someone coming into his business with the intentions of hurting one of his employees.

"Yeah, I've worried about that before. As far fetched as that might be," said Kevin Kemerer, Executive Vice President of Precision Pump and Valve in Cross Lanes, WV.

Sheriff's Deputies with the Kanawha County Sheriffs Office said that it's all about being prepared to protect yourself. The old school mentality of turning the lights off and waiting for police to arrive doesn't work anymore.

"It used to be that people would tell you to lock down in your room or turn the lights off and shut the door. That doesn't work any more," said Chief Deputy Mike Rutherford with the Kanawha County Sheriffs Office. 

Sgt. Rick Keglor with the KCSO taught Precision Pump and Valve employees portions of the Alice training program which stands for alert, lock down, inform, counter, and evacuate. 

He said if evacuating the building is not a safe option, you need to be able to completely barricade yourself inside of a room to protect yourself from an intruder.

"You can get this desk and put it in between it because then the door will only open so far," said Sgt. Keglor. 

If for any reason you can't safely block an intruder from entering your room, the next option is to try to detain that person.

Sgt. Keglor said that in most cases an agitated intruder is no match for employees trying to take that person down. 

"Have a couple of people grab his arms and maybe a couple of people grab his legs and maybe one grab his body. Just keep him from moving," said Sgt. Keglor. 

The in-house training also included a blind reaction to someone entering the building and firing shots into a room. 

In that scenario at least three employees would have been fatally wounded. 

"It was a panicked reaction which they talked about is the worst thing you can do, but it was an eye opener," said Kevin Kemerer.

For the second shooting situation, employees were armed with tennis balls which police say could be anything in the room with you like books or coffee cups to throw at the intruder.

The goal is to distract the shooter and give employees a chance to escape. 

After working with 13 News on this special report, the Kanawha County Sheriffs Office has decided to offer this type of training to any business interested in learning how to better protect their employees. 

"The best thing we can do is try to protect and forward the information to everybody about how to be as safe as possible," said Chief Deputy Rutherford. 

If your business would like to be trained to handle an active shooter or intruder situation, please call the Kanawha County Sheriffs Office at 304-357-0200 to schedule a training date. 

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