A new location for Tent City?

Charleston resident Donley Moss, like many on both sides of the Tent City issue, had a strong reaction when he first saw the news of its removal.

"I was on Facebook and seen that the Mayor had kicked these people out and threw all their personal belongings away, it went through me like fire."

Now, he wants to do something about it. He is offering up a portion of land that he owns at the end of Chesterfield Avenue in Kanawha City for those displaced to set up their tents again. 

"I feel that nobody should be homeless and nobody has the right to tell someone not to sleep in a tent if they want to," he said.

Some residents are concerned with safety while others would welcome the new location, including Kanawha City resident Claudette Patterson

"It's just a real bad situation but yes I would agree if my neighbor wanted to do that."

You can go to gofundme.com and search "Tents by Donley" if you would like to make a contribution. 


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