Early Voting on Road Bonds Underway in West Virginia

"I voted yes. I think it's good that we're going to fix up the roads. I think we need it," said Lillian Gross, a West Virginia Voter.

Lillian Gross of Saint Albans was among the many voters turning out for the first day of early voting on the West Virginia Bond Referendum. Since it's the only issue on the statewide ballot, turnout over the next two weeks may be modest.

"So far they're going pretty smooth. We've had a steady stream. A while ago we had 40 some. SO it's going to be slower than most elections, but, we're doing okay," said Vera McCormick, Kanawha County Clerk.

If the measure is approved, the state would sell 1-point-6 billion dollars in bonds, to pay for road, highway, and bridge projects over the next decade. Most voters we spoke with were in support.

"I've lived in West Virginia for 67 years, my entire life. And the roads are pretty bad in places. We just had to have your car realigned, a realignment done on it, because of the roads, hitting bumps," said Clark Haynes, a West Virginia Voter.

Opponents who left the clerk's office declined to talk on camera, but we know  there is opposition on social media, and with some in the Legislature.

"I had concerns about borrowing money on the future, to pay for roads now," said Del. Cindy Frich, (D) Monongalia.

Early voting will take place over ten days, with balloting for those wishing to vote in their local precinct on Saturday October 7th.

Secretary of State Mac Warner, (R) West Virginia
"Well the early voting is particularly helpful here because people are going to be busy on October 7th. There are football games and there are festivals and that sort of thing, so take advantage of that. The courthouses are open, so get to your courthouses and vote."

The Road Bond Referendum is Governor Justice's top priority.

"It should be noted that early voting is not just limited to weekday hours. In fact for the next two Saturdays, people can early vote at their County Clerk's office across West Virginia," said Mark Curtis, 13 News Chief Political Reporter.

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