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Teenager danger: five rules for young drivers

(BPT) - If you’re feeling nervous about handing the car keys to your teenager for the first time, you’re not alone. It’s a common sentiment given some sobering statistics. According to... More>>

Your back-to-campus cyber security checklist

Computers, tablets and mobile devices are fundamental for college students to learn, study and stay connected. With more and more devices being used on campus, college officials are feeling the pain of trying to keep their... More>>

Uber-cool gift ideas for kids going to - and back to - college

(BPT) - Graduation season is over, but families with college-bound teens know the gift-giving season is still in full swing. Whether you’re looking for a gift that will ease the transition for a new college freshman or... More>>

Back-to-school tech trends that keep kids in touch

(BPT) - Chances are your young kids love to play games on their tablets or even your smartphone, and your teens and college students rely on technology to stay in touch with friends. But as they head back to school, keep in... More>>

Six ways studying abroad can change your life

(BPT) - Many students study abroad each year for only a few months, or even weeks. But the experiences and lessons learned go on to impact them well past that brief time, and the benefits of their travels don’t stop... More>>

Time-smart ways busy teens can continue social activism during the school year

(BPT) - When kids head back to school, it’s easy to get swept away with schoolwork, extra-curricular activities and socializing – and forget the issues that teens are passionate about when they have more time.... More>>

Eating out this summer? how kids are now eating healthier at restaurants

(BPT) - As many families make their travel and leisure plans this year, they are happily discovering that a growing number of restaurants – in their hometowns and at their vacation destinations – are offering... More>>

Dressing for success on campus: a guide to college fashion

(BPT) - College students are cash-strapped and time-crunched. So how can they look fashionable while juggling their studies, campus activities and a part-time job? Integrating basic items into their wardrobes is a start... More>>

Smart, safe storage and organization for back to school

(BPT) - A little organization goes a long way. Not only can it lead to career success and personal productivity, but as students head back to class this fall, it can also provide health benefits and increase student... More>>