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Eight ways to help kids hone their homework habits

(BPT) - Helping children with their homework requires more than an understanding of the subject matter, whether it’s algebra or world literature. To help children succeed throughout the school year, it’s... More>>

Help give kids the tools they need to succeed in school

(BPT) - Take a moment to consider this alarming fact: Each year more than 1 million American teens fail to graduate from high school, according to the Editorial Projects in Education Research Center. The consequences of this... More>>

Handle back-to-school shopping with less chaos during summer

There is nothing quite as wonderful as summer. Family vacations, summer camps  and a slower pace of life. After the laid-back pace of summer, back-to-school shopping can often be an expensive and hectic finish to the... More>>

Back to school road trip

(BPT) - Whether you’re a parent driving your college-age student to school or you’re heading out on your first solo road trip back to campus, you can make sure your trip is stress-free and prevent unnecessary... More>>

Paying for college, without sacrificing your 'nest egg'

(BPT) - As high school seniors get ready to graduate, many of their families are preparing to send them off to college. Tasked with more than goodbye’s and packing, these families are working to balance important... More>>

Strategies for managing and reducing debt

(BPT) - Are you feeling overwhelmed by your monthly bills? Do you only pay the minimum on your credit cards each month, or use several credit cards to spread out your debt? These are all warning signs that your habits may be... More>>