Basic car maintenance tips for teens

Take a look at some basic car maintenance tips they should know in case they run into trouble while driving.

Check the oil: Teach your teen the importance of checking the oil, how often it should be checked, and how to read the dipstick. This can prevent costly car repairs down the road.

Check for a spare: In case of a flat tire on the way to school, make sure your son or daughter checks to make sure there is a spare tire in the car.

Check the battery: Especially on extremely hot or cold days, an old battery can cause your teen's car not to start after a long day of being parked at school. Make sure your teen knows how old the battery is and how to check if it's in good condition.

Check the coolant: Make sure you show your teen where the coolant is located in the car and how to check if it's low. Also teach them how to add more coolant and how to recognize the light on the dashboard that signals the coolant is low.

Check the lights: Encourage your son or daughter to regularly check to make sure all of the lights on the car are working.

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