Molly Coates

Molly Coates

Molly Coates has always had a passion for weather. She loved learning about severe storms and other weather phenomena while growing up. In high school, she decided to follow her dreams of becoming a Meteorologist.

Molly attended Ball State University. There, she became involved with the local news station where she honed in her broadcasting skills. In December 2017, she received her Bachelor of Science in Meteorology.

Upon graduating, she landed her first job at WOWK. Molly is very excited to be apart of the Weather Team. You can watch her on weekends at 6 and 11 pm.

In her spare time, she likes to bake, and spend time with her family when she can. Molly is from Richmond, Indiana. Although a little far from home, she is still a Hoosier at heart, but very excited to be adventurous, and explore Charleston.

If you would like to contact Molly, email her at

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