Cabell County Overdose Rate Lowered

Cabell County EMS reports lower overdoses in new quarter

HUNTINGTON, WV (WOWK) - Starting September of 2017, the number of overdoses per day on average fell from 5.3 to 4.5 in Cabell County.

Since then, the number has slowly continued to lower, and is now down to around 3 per day. 

One resource to thank is Huntington's Quick Response Team. 

"If the numbers are decreasing, then I'm happy about that however it's coming to fruition, that's a good thing," said Quick Response Team Paramedic Larrecsa Cox. 

Cabell County EMS director Gordon Merry adds, "I think the turning point is that people are now starting to do intervention and starting to do things to help the people that have a drug problem."

Some say the success can and should be contributed to the people on the front line everyday, like Cox. 

"I would love to attribute the Q.R.T. being the reason why, but in realistic terms, we are just a piece of the puzzle. Even though the list is shrinking, we still have a lot to do," Cox said. 

A puzzle that consists of multiple emergency services working together for one common goal... improving the city of Huntington's drug problem.

"We've all taken an open, proactive approach versus 'we won't talk about it and it'll go away.' I think  that's where the difference is", Merry adds. 

Officials say that they hope this rate will continue throughout the year.

"Even though the list is shrinking, we still have a lot to do," Cox replied.

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