Flood Cleanup Continues in Lawrence County, Ohio

Flood Cleanup Continues in Lawrence County, Ohio

LAWRENCE COUNTY, OHIO (WOWK) - Towns along the Ohio River are still working to cleanup after weekend flooding. The Ohio has receded quite a bit, but there are still low-lying areas where water has nowhere to go, and it's causing problems for neighbors. 

For those in Athalia where water is finally out of their homes- the cleaning, washing and sanitizing.

"We've already cleaned out everything, we've got bleach out now and when we get down there we're going to take the firehose and spray everything back out," Lt. Jason Chapman said. 

Chapman says flood waters got into his basement, but he's thankful it wasn't worse. Now he's enlisting his coworkers at the Crown City Fire Department to help others. They're hosing down roads and drivewways hoping to get rid of bacteria-laden mud. 

"We're just trying to get this cleaned off to try to keep infection and everything out," Lt. Chapman added.

While there's still work left to be done and some roads still do have standing water, neighbors are coming together to help one another out in the recovery process.

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