Gayle Manchin Speaks Out on Her Firing

CHARLESTON, W.Va. - "As you can tell I find this very upsetting," said former Secretary of Education and the Arts Gayle Manchin. 

Former WV Secretary of Education and the Arts Gayle Manchin is talking about her firing at the hands of Governor Jim Justice. In a press release, Marchin urged the Governor to veto a bill that would dismantle her department. It overseas everything from public TV, to the Cultural Center. She says millions of dollars of federal grants for arts and science could be lost.

"Well, I mean they could lose all of it. I mean once money is frozen, or they start taking - federal money starts going back - it's very difficult to reclaim that," said former Secretary of Education and the Arts Gayle Manchin,

She also oversaw rehabilitative services.

"If that money freezes 600 people go without a paycheck. 13 thousand clients go without services that they are to be provided," said Gayle Manchin.

Governor Justice did not approve of Gail Manchin's press release. He issued one as well saying quote: "She was very critical, made it political, and put me in a very, very bad position... she was told we accepted her resignation, she refused and she was terminated." Other Republicans say she was not singled out because she's married to Democratic U.S. Senator Joe Manchin.

"I like Gayle Manchin so I don't know why anyone thinks - I realize that's kind of a, probably an odd thing for a Republican to say -  but I've had conversations with her. I find her to be engaging and intelligent, so to me it's not really about that at all," said State Sen. Robert Karnes, (R) Upshur.

The Governor now has no women in his cabinet.

"Certainly it concerns me. I think in West Virginia we need to have more women," said Gayle Manchin.

"I asked Gayle Manchin if she harbored any ill-will toward Governor Justice, She said 'no,' and that we was just honored to serve West Virginia," said Mark Curtis, 13 News Chief Political Reporter.

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