Downtown Ashland Sees New Stores

New stores opening around Downtown Ashland

ASHLAND, KY (WOWK) - From October to January downtown Ashland has seen five new businesses arrive from locally owned stores to mall re-openings. Whitney Lowe, Ashland in Motion Executive Director says this is a new phase for downtown Ashland.

"when you bring it all together as a collective it's really special, and it's kind of fun to compare different areas of downtown.  like how the mall compares to downtown but of course we all work together as one component to boost the city and boost the economy," Lowe. 

And that's exactly what these new stores are bringing to Ashland more businesses, more jobs and more attractions to downtown.

"it's so central to our history and the story we have to tell and so to keep it alive and keep it going is incredibly important to the people who live here and what we look like to people outwardly who don't," Lowe added.

Lowe says downtown Ashland is in a revitalizing phase. she is excited to see her city continue to prosper.

"there's people here who remember downtown when it was really bustling and then there are people from my generation who are passionate about downtown but we have a different perspective and i think all those people are still on the same page, they want to see it re-developed," Lowe said.


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