Family Brightens Holiday for Kids in the Hospitals

The Thorne family spreads cheer for Christmas after their own experiences

BARBOURSVILLE, WV (WOWK) - The Thorne family spent little Ava's first Christmas in the hospital.  "We weren't sure if she was going to make it they really couldn't tell us anything her oxygen had dropped so low and here we were a week before Christmas not really thinking anything about Christmas at that point," explained Monica Thorne.

Thorne said her second child, Ava, had serious respiratory issues. And when Christmas came around it didn't feel like the holidays..until she found a small table top Christmas tree in the cafeteria. 
"So we brought it up to our room and it just lit up our spirits and it just turned something so dark into so bright, (ava: "like an angel came")  like an angle," Said Ava and Monica.

And from that day on... the Thorne family knew something like this... was meant for every family who can't spend the season at home. "our goal is to get every hospital to do the trees as well," added Jason Thorne.

The Thorne family being military every state they are station in they will make sure the children hospitals receive these trees for Christmas. "we will start it ", said Jason. "oh no it's going wherever we go next like watch out all the hospitals we are coming to you," added Monica.

And with a goal of 90 trees a year... the Thorne's surpassed that number this year with 97 trees donated... and they have already began shopping for next year...

"these trees bring families together," added 6-year-old Ava. 

If you are interested in participating in next years project you can find more information on Facebook at "Table Top Christmas Tree Project 2017." 


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