Sexual Harassment Policy Update

Local Memebers of Huntignton are educating businesses on sexual assault policies

HUNTINGTON, WV (WOWK) - After the past few months of sexual harassment allegations in the national media, Huntington Regional Chamber of Commerce is working to educate employers and employees on the importance sexual harassment policies. 

"people in business in our region want to know answers and how they can do the right thing in the work place. Information is important as a chamber of commerce we want to provide that information so that people can do the right thing and have the right answers," Said Bill Bissett CEO of Chamber of Commerce.

Local defense attorney for  Jenkins Fenstermaker PLLC, Steve Snider says, having an open discussion for businesses is a way to prevent having any issues in the workforce.

"it's a good time for managers and business leaders to say to themselves what am i as a leader  doing to make sure that my workforce is protected that my people feel comfortable coming to work," Snider.

Both the chamber of commerce and law firms are putting together local seminars for businesses in the next coming year.

"A workplace environment here in west Virginia were we respect diversity we respect people different from us but at the same time the value of people that has to be in there somewhere and it can be very sensitive but that's why we have discussions," Bissett.

 Aaliyah Brown 13 News Working for You.

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