Winter weather impacts cities on a budget

All of the cold weather, ice and snow has made for long hours for crews out clearing the roads. It is also cutting into the supplies of cities working within a budget.  

It has been a busy winter already for the public works department in Nitro, WV. 

"The frigid temperatures have been a nightmare," said long time Public Works Director AJ Hill. 

They were called out to treat the roads just once last year. Already this year they've been out six times fighting the elements. 

St.Albans, WV is facing a similar struggle. 

Both cities have a good supply left. In some cases they are able to stretch the salt supply by blending it with sand. Still they are hoping for relief soon. 
"We haven't got to the point where it has hurt us budget wise yet but if we have two or three more of these episodes then we might look at the money getting tight," said St. Albans Mayor Scott James.  

Beyond paying for supplies both cities are also having to pay overtime.

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