New bill to allow guns on college campuses

FRANKFORT, Ky. (WYMT) - House Bill 210 was filed in Kentucky Tuesday, which would allow guns to be carried on college campuses.

At this time public universities in Kentucky do not allow students with concealed weapons licenses to carry guns on campus.

The goal of the bill's sponsors is that public universities are included in places controlled by public funds required to allow people with concealed carry permits or licenses to carry their firearm.

"All this bill aims to do is give law abiding citizens here in Kentucky the right to protect themselves," says Kentucky Rep. Tim Moore. "Under current satute the universities are allowed to say no one can bring a weapon here, which means the only people who carry the weapons are the criminals."

"Take Virginia Tech for example," says Kentucky Rep. Wesley Morgan. "How do you kill 32 college students? Because no one else has a gun."

A spokesperson from the University of Kentucky says they are not in favor of seeing the bill become law.

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