Tips For Keeping Your Pipes Safe This Winter

WEST VIRGINIA, (WOWK) - With the winter season upon us and those frigid temperatures dropping down to the single digits, it is important to winterize your home and take the precautions to insure your pipes don't freeze.

C.W. Sigman with the Department of Homeland Security has a few tips on how to make sure your pipes are safe this winter:

It looks like the first week of the New Year will bring us some very cold weather. With the prolonged cold weather the chances of water lines freezing increases. Now is the time to prevent that and be prepared in case they do freeze.

  •      To help to prevent water pipes from freezing do the following:
  • Keep the doors to the outside shut that lead into areas where the water pipes are. This includes crawl spaces under homes, areas underneath mobile homes and opening into attic spaces if there are water lines there.
  • Open kitchen and bathroom cabinet doors around sinks so that warm air can get around the water pipes.
  • When it is very cold outside let the water drip from faucets that are on pipes that may freeze
  • If your pipes do freeze do the following
  • Open a faucet connected to the frozen pipe. 
  • Apply heat to the frozen area by using a hairdryer if there is not standing water that could cause you to get electrocuted.
  • Wrap warm towels around the pipes
  • Never use any open flame device such as a propane or kerosene heater or a torch. 

For more information check the American Red Cross or FEMA website

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