Unclaimed Property: 90 Year Old West Virginian Gets Surprise Gift From Husband

CHARLESTON, WV (WOWK) - In just the few minutes Patrick Simon spent with Ms. Louise (her full name is not released to project her safety), he found out right away that clearly two things mattered most to her.

Her mother, who she lost at an early age, forcing her to quickly become an adult, run a house and watch over her young sister.

"So really I was chief cook and bottle washer for about six years while she was growing up and taking care of her and my dad," said Louise.

Her husband Edward is the second person that meant the most to her. They met right after he returned from the war. All she had to do is offer him baseball tickets.

"And he said yes and that was the beginning as we walked home, and we got married five years later," said Louise.

Their marriage lasted 64 years ... years of living modestly and with hope.

"Enjoy what you get and usually a reward comes, said Louise."

And now, all these years later, that reward is coming from her husband who once worked at the water company."

She received  $290,353.15 in unclaimed property from her husband that was found in the State Treasurer's office.

"This is going to give her a number of opportunities to be able to do a lot of things she never dreamed about doing," said West Virginia Treasurer John Perdue who's office oversees the Unclaimed Property office.  

How Louise will spend her new found money brings us back to her childhood and the lost her mom and now how she will do anything to help kids in need like she once was.

"St. Jude's (Research Hospital) ... anything to do with kids ... and why is that? ... because I think they need it (emotional) especially because they have families."

For more information on the unclaimed property office, click here

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