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Elbert Mosley

Elbert Mosley is a Charleston native. He has been with WOWK since 1996. Elbert is one of the station's senior photographers.

Elbert, along with Spencer Adkins, revolutionized the look of morning newscast by bringing Wacky Science Wednesdays, Cooking Thursdays and a host of special segments and live band performances. They created a guess segment that moved news into the class room, living room and your kitchen, other stations tried to imitated but never duplicated.

After working the morning show in house, Elbert spent the rest of his shift shooting news and commercials. He also spent countless hours in Chopper 13 and boast about having shot more live shots than anyone in the Charleston or Huntington market. Elbert began his extensive career in video production 1985 when his mother bought his first video camera and VCR. His first paid gigs were weddings, instructional and special event videos. Elbert was hired along with two others at WSAZ as one of the first production crews for the state lottery broadcast as a Production Assistant.

After two years, Elbert moved to South Florida where he started a long career at the Art Institute of Fort Lauderdale. While there, he received three promotions starting as a production technician to teacher's assistant to a video instructor. Each semester, Elbert taught students all aspects of video productions in the class room and in the field.

Elbert's career took a completely different turn when he moved from the classroom to a film, grip and lighting house in Miami. Taking equipment orders and loading and unloading film trucks gave Elbert a different perspective on the motion picture industry as he was able to work with equipment such as fiber optic lights to 18 thousand watt lights, Fisher to Chapman dollies and equipment most people will only see at the end of a DVD.

Elbert went back to television working for WYHS 69, a Home Shopping Network station in Miramar Florida, as a Videographer and not long after was promoted to Production Manager, where he watched over the daily productions of news and local programs and a his own staff.

After living nearly eight years in South Florida Elbert, moved back to West Virginia where he being working at WOWK. Between working in South Florida and West Virginia, Elbert accomplished a host of projects. Just to name a few shows like "A Question of Money," "Hair's The Place," "In Your Interest," "The Believer's Voice of Hope" were produced and directed by Elbert and aired not only throughout Florida but several southern states across the nation. He was also responsible for Miami Rocks I & II and a host of other live club cast and straight to video performances. His favorite projects were producing and directing music videos such as: "Walk A Mile In My Shoes," "Checkmate," "Merlyn Mason," "Mavericks," "Aries," and several others.

Elbert graduated from West Virginia State College with an Associate's Degree in Mass Communications, and while in South Florida he earned two more degrees. The first, an Associate in Music & Video Business, and the second a Bachelor in Business Management and Marketing. Elbert's hobbies include riding his Victory King Pin, still photography, music, collecting DVD's, sound recording and working toward directing a feature film even if it goes straight to DVD.