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Former strip club in Kanawha County could become a church

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CROSS LANES, West Virginia -

The Pink Pony is a former strip club in Cross Lanes that has been in the spotlight many times. 

In August of 2003 Powerball Winner Jack Whittaker was robbed of several thousand dollars while there.  Fast forward eight years and the building could be getting a new lease on life. 

Pastor Art Hage of Hurricane Bible Church wants to buy it and turn it into a church, but he is quick to point out it will be more than a place of worship.

"It basically will be a rehabilitation center to help people that have been on gambling, dope, drug addiction, all kinds of immorality and our goal is to help them," said Hage

"A church in that place would certainly be a big step up," said Reverend Dave Buckley, pastor of Cross Lanes Bible Church.  The congregation is a couple miles from the Pink Pony.  Buckley welcomes the idea.

"To see a place go from the devil's dominion, a strip club and bar to a place of worship and proclamation of the gospel is a victory," said Buckley.

"If something was being used for a purpose that wouldn't be real wholesome and now has flipped to a purpose that could be more wholesome, not only is it a plus one minus one, it's a better equation," said Reverend Jesse Waggoner, pastor of Mount Calvary Baptist Church in Charleston.

Pastor Hage visited the property last Friday and now has to come up with $795,000 to buy the property.  He's not concerned with the reputation of the building.

"That stigma is not going to hurt us.  It's going to help us," said Hage.

He believes those who used to go to the Pink Pony will now head back for spiritual healing in their house of worship.