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Bryan Hughes

Bryan Hughes is a Texas native but it's fairly clear that he's run around the country.  His experience with mother nature is far and wide with many snow storms in his history. 

Bryan has been forecasting blizzards in Iowa and Michigan but it's that Lake Effect snow that was the most pesky.  He was forecasting snow totals of 15 to 20"+ while based in Flint, MI at WEYI.  His efforts in the field also awarded him with an Associated Press award for Best Documentary on his series, "Travel Mid-Michigan".  He chronicled people from all walks of life as he criss-crossed the state in search of the funny and lighter stories that made people smile. 

In Iowa, he worked in Cedar Rapids and Des Moines as the Chief Meteorologist, forecasting statewide.  He was able to witness the Iowa Caucuses and met a number of the Democratic contenders in the process.  He also traveled from one side of the state to the other in a bike ride called "RAGBRAI" and reported from each stop along the way on the nightly newscasts.  The state claims to be growing a rather large amount of corn...he can confirm this assertion.

His TV weather career began at KCBD in Lubbock, Texas and continued at another station in the same market, KJTV.  He was the Chief Meteorologist for 5 years in West Texas at the FOX affiliate and had his number of run-ins with mother nature.  Known for its severe weather, the region was not immune to it any year he was working there.  From F5 tornadoes to hail the size of grapefruit, he was able to experience it.  Couple the severe storms with killer dust storms and blowing snow, it was all on the table in Lubbock.  Bryan has experienced an all-time record drought and an all-time record wet year while living and working in West Texas. 

Bryan is a graduate of Texas Tech University and is the former cartoon mascot, Raider Red.  As Raider Red, Bryan has traveled all over the country to represent Texas Tech and been to too many games and events to even count.  He is also the former Public Address Announcer for the universities basketball and baseball programs. 

Bryan is now residing in, what he calls "a beautiful state", West Virginia.  His goals are to white water raft as much as possible and enjoy the lakes and rivers frequently.  Don't be surprised if he hits up a karaoke establishment ... he tries to sing.