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Live Doppler radar restored at National Weather Service in Charleston

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The National Weather Service in Charleston experienced its own set of problems in the wake of the June 29 derecho. A derecho is a rare storm that is characterized by length of travel and speed, combined with its effects.

On Friday night, the storm knocked out service and sent the NWS in Charleston into emergency mode.

The live Doppler radar went down at the facility so some services had to performed from the Pittsburgh office.

An official said the NWS hasn't had to implement that emergency plan in decades.

"We went back and looked at the records and the last time this happened was probably, may have been 20 years ago. So it's real hard to plan for anything like this. We've had several cases where we have small areas hit. This is the longest we have been down in a long time here in our offices," said Jeffrey Hovis from the National Weather Service.

The Charleston Doppler was back online by Monday afternoon.