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Tips to protect your plants in cooler weather

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A bitter blast of cold air may be hitting our area next week.

So to make sure you are prepared 13 News is "Working for You," providing you tips to make sure you take care of your plants.

We stopped by the Capitol Market in Charleston Sunday.  Ellen Goff with Highland Greenery told us the most important things you need to know.

"If it's cold and rainy, (people) don't need to do anything to their pansies or their mums. But if they're calling for a clear night and frost, they may want to get out a sheet... to cover their plants, to keep the blooms from getting frosted," said Goff.

You can also cover your plants with towels.  If you use plastic, do not forget to take it off.  Experts say when it warms up, the plastic can actually burn the flowers.