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Colder weather increases home heating dangers

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It's getting colder, especially at night, and when you are leaving your heater unattended, there are dangerous risks you should know about.

The Charleston Fire Department is reminding residents to be careful. Lieutenant Alisha Samples said there are a large number of fire calls that come in when it gets colder, all due to space heater fires.

She said space heaters can become overheated and catch on fire. This is especially true when flammable materials are kept close to the heater. Also, Kerosene heaters are not recommended by the fire department for use in the home. The number one problem is leaving space heaters unattended. "Electric heaters, they can overheat. So you want to be careful with those, make sure your watching them. Don't leave them running while your gone. With your kerosene heaters when your filling them with fuel make sure you fuel them outside of the house," said Lt. Alisha Samples with Charleston Fire Department.

When using a space heater such as a kerosene heater or one with an open flame, the Charleston Fire Department recommends a carbon monoxide meter be installed in the home.