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Century Aluminum makes decision on PSC rate order

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Officials at Century Aluminum in Ravenswood have made a decision on the offer from the Public Service Commission that came down last week. 

In the 73 pages of the offer, it says customers won't have to pay any more on their electric bills if and when the smelter starts back up.

Mitch Carmichael represents Jackson County.  He told 13NEWS, "Unfortunately, very unfortunately, the company has decided the offer is not sufficient enough for them to restart."

According to officials at Century, they believe the order includes several positive elements. 

They say the order as it stands would not enable the plant to operate continuously and into the future. 

"The longer something like this drags out I think they start to wonder if it's going to come back to fruition and start back up," said Wes Harvey, a Ravenswood native. 

That's what all sides say they want, but the slow process is holding back hundreds of workers from getting back on the job, and this lawmaker says he's ready to see things get running.

Carmichael said,  "As a representative of Jackson County, Jessie, we're very disappointed in this and I certainly hope that they come to an agreement and make a reasonable decision here, maybe a reconsideration."

In the meantime, residents of Jackson County say they're just ready for everyone in the town to benefit from job growth.

"They are good jobs in the community and a lot of residents in the community depend upon the people who are going to spend the money in the community as well," said Harvey.  "So, it's kind of a win, win, win if we can get this back up and running."

Officials at Century tell us they do plan to file a motion for reconsideration with the Public Service Commission. 

No word right now as to when that will be.

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