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Renter: "I need help"

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Pearl Jackson said she's lived in squalor since new landlords took over her London apartment complex five years ago.

"Not even an animal should have to live in this building," Jackson said. "Landlords have ignored everything I have said to them. I have fallen down these steps. Grass has growed up past the knee. I cannot sit in my living room without the parasites coming in from that hallway."

Jackson pays $225 per month for rent, but she claims she performs all maintenance around the apartment, which sits beside Route 60 in London. She covered her hallway with trash bags and her ceiling with newspaper and taped her walls together.

"At nighttime in October, it is freezing in this house," Jackson said.

Jim Hoffman moved downstairs with his wife and daughter in September.

"I know the apartment was needing some work but I needed some place to go," said Hoffman, who claims the landlord helps low-income residents move in.

"He gets the stuff to help me get this place fixed," Hoffman said. "The man is trying to get it fixed up, he's working with people like us."

But one former resident said she also had beef with the landlord.

"The owner of the building did not keep things up to par," said Tiffany Jarrett, who lived with her friend in the complex. "The furnace went out, he wouldn't replace it, the water tank went out, he wouldn't replace that. The best thing would be to get a demolition crew to come in and just knock it down."

It's unclear what goes on behind closed doors--or who needs to step up--but all Jackson knows is she's uncomfortable.

"I can't live like this. I get nightmares because of this stuff."