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UPDATE: Argument leads to 2 dead in Mingo County

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According to police, two men were involved in a fight in Mingo County Tuesday night leading to both men's death.  The cause of the fight is still unknown.

The fight occurred between Alfred Curry and Phillip Gilman.

Gilman attacked Curry with a claw hammer.

After being hit with the hammer Curry was able to walk a few hundred yards before collapsing from his wounds.

A woman near the scene saw Curry collapse and called David Baisden, County Commissioner for Mingo County.

Baisden arrived at the scene and began helping Curry.

According to police, Gilman then took Baisden's truck and ran over Curry while leaving the scene, killing him.

Baisden then flagged down firefighters responding to a 911 call about the altercation.

According to police, Gilman then returned to the scene and ran over Curry a second time.

Baisden then became involved in a fight with Gilman.

Gilman then attempted to leave and was shot three times by a firefighter at the scene, according to statements taken at the scene.

Delbarton Police officers and State Police officers followed Gilman as he fled the scene.

According to the police, Gilman then charged the officers and was shot with a shotgun, killing him.

Baisden is the half-brother of Curry.

This story is still developing.  Keep following us for the latest updates.



An argument turns deadly in Mingo County Tuesday night.

Not many details are being released at this time, but police say two are dead after an altercation on Elk Creek Road, north of Delbarton.

Police tell 13 News a man was run over after being injured in an attack. Officers then chased the suspect into the woods nearby, eventually killing him.

No other details are being released at this time, pending notification of the family of the victim.

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