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Some parents say kids being forced to walk along busy road

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Some parents are concerned with the way kids are being sent home from one Kanawha County school.

Gayle Yates said her grandson, Chris Wickline, started attending the Chandler Academy earlier this week.

This is an alternative school for troubled youth.

She said disruptive students, including her grandson, are being forced to walk along a busy road during the school day.

"I'm concerned about the Chandler Academy, that they are letting their children, he's making them leave the campus and not calling the parents. They are walking 21 trying to get home or anyway they can get there," she said.

She said the kids are not being given a chance to call their parents to pick them up.

Principal Roy Jones said these claims are not true.

He said the school implemented a new cell phone ban and that kids have been lashing out ever since.

Before this week, students were allowed to bring cell phones on campus but were not allowed to use them during the school day, except for lunch.

Jones said some students took advantage of this policy.  Now, cell phones have been completely banned on school property.

He said the new rule is not sitting well with some students.

He said any student who has been seen walking along Route 21 during the school day did so without his knowledge.

Wickline disagrees. He maintains that disruptive kids are being told to leave and aren't given a chance to call their family to pick them up.

"They don't know what to do. Some kids are scared to walk. Some kids actually walk. Some don't have a phone to call nobody. It's just ridiculous," Wickline said.

Yates is worried that a student is going to get hit by a car.

"Someone could pick them up, or they could get hit by a car. Anything could happen to them. The parents don't even know that they've left the school. They think they are in school safe," she said.

Jones said the school will always call parents if they realize a child leaves the school property.

He said the only exception is when they try to call a parent whose phone number has been disconnected.

Jones said the new cell phone ban is permanent.