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Boone Memorial Hospital prepares for disaster

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Boone Memorial Hospital is prepared this week for any emergency.

Hospital directors and administrators met Oct. 29 to make absolutely sure the hospital's emergency plan would be fine-tuned and in effect for recent weather reports.

Teresa Meade, chief clinical officer and executive director of support services at Boone Memorial, said the hospital advised all of its employees to be sure their vehicles had full gas tanks, and transportation could be arranged on a case-by-case basis, if necessary.

"We want to do what we can to make sure we have enough staffing at the hospital," Meade said in a news release. "Our central supply department has towels, wash cloths and soap available in the locker rooms for staff to bathe; we also have a list of employees who have volunteered to work in the case of an emergency to make sure we have enough medical personnel to see patients.

Meade said the hospital's maintenance department put blades on the hospital's trucks to plow snow, and all the medical records and electronics are running through backup generators.

"Luckily, if the power goes out, there are five shelters that have been put in place by the local EMS Center where generator backups will be available," she said. "Of course, if a patient is sick, we encourage them to come to BMH, however, these shelters are in place for those who lose power or need oxygen supply."

Meade said if the established shelters fill up, local schools also may be used as shelters, with food, water and electricity, but no medical personnel will be on site at those locations.