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How officers work to keep drugs out of school

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After two students were caught with prescription pills at an area high school, 13 News has learned how school officials are working to keep drugs out of schools.

On Wednesday, a student told a school resource officer that students were using drugs in a second floor bathroom at Winfield High School in Putnam County.

After a search, it was discovered a 16-year-old junior had 15 capsules of Vyvanse, a prescription that is used for ADHD, and an empty pill container of Metaxalone.  A 17-year-old junior was in possession of one capsule of Vyvanse.

"It's become a lot easier for young people to bring prescription drugs into the school, as a pose to some of the more prevalent -- marijuana, cocaine, heroine... stuff like that -- our dogs are trained to detect," said Mike Kordusky, a school resource officer at Winfield High School.

Kordusky says it is more difficult for the dog to sniff our prescription pills.

The 16-year-old has been expelled. Police have cited him with possession of prescription medication. The 17-year-old has been suspended from school.