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Child ID kits offered to families in Nitro

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The Moose Association teamed up with the Nitro Police Department and the Safe Surfing Foundation to help keep kids safe. 

They offered Child ID kits to the public. 

"If you have a child that gets lost or gets hurt or something, one of the first things that is asked of the parent is what does the child look like, how tall is he, how much does the child weigh, what color is the hair, what color are the eyes," said Jim Hale of Moose International.  "All of this information will be right there on the CD."

Volunteers sit down with children and ask all of those questions and fingerprint them and that information is burned onto a CD and given to the parents.  Parents say having that information on hand means a lot. 

"A life time of better resting, because you know you have all of that information right there if you're in a crisis," said Laurie Elkins of Nitro. 

Laurie's son, Isaac says the process was pretty painless.  "They asked me what was my middle name, what was my nickname, what was my first name and what was my last name," said Isaac. 

Laurie hopes this kind of technology will prevent crimes against children from happening to begin with.

"The more mainstream that these types of activities become where people can just have all of this information readily available, then hopefully it would deter people," said Elkins.

Laurie can leave the Nitro Police Department with a little more peace of mind, and Isaac left even safer than he was before he walked in.

Once all of the information is burned onto the C-D, volunteers delete all of it from their computers.

One C-D can be made per family, or each child can have their own.