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Temperatures expected to drop 35 degrees overnight

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A strong cold front is moving across the area Monday evening, with rain, wind and a sharp temperature drop.

"This afternoon while it was 73 degrees in Charleston, the temperature had dropped to 38 degrees in Cincinnati and that cold air is coming our way," said Stormtracker chief meteorologist Spencer Adkins.

The Stormtracker meteorologists say the cold front should produce less than a half inch of rain but that any amount of rain will help cut down on the recent rash of brush fires.

"The wind picked up over the weekend and again today we have seen gusts up to 30 miles per hour, and after all of the warm days, those brush fires have really had a chance to take off, but the rain will help knock down the current fires a good bit," said Adkins.

Lows overnight are expected to drop into the low 30s and some areas could see puddles start to freeze, and the Stormtracker meteorologists remind you to step with caution in the morning around any areas that appear damp because they could have a thin sheen of ice on them.

The biggest jolt to residents however, will be the temperature drop.

"We're talking about temperatures dropping over 35 degrees overnight and Tuesday's high could be at least 25 to 30 degrees colder than the weekend.  That'll get your attention in a hurry," said Adkins.