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More financial woes for the Smithers Fire Department

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The Smithers Fire Department has had its fair share of problems.

Jerome Burrs lives in the town.  He said, "I don't like it.  I'd like to know what we'd do if something happened."

This time, it's been shut down until the liability insurance is reinstated.  In the meantime, the mayor says people don't have to worry about safety.

"We are covered by Montgomery and Boomer which are no less than two miles away and they are very good fire departments.  They've covered us before," said Mayor Thomas Skaggs. 

The last time the Smithers Fire Department was shut down, it was for a matter of hours.  This time, it could be longer and residents are getting frustrated.

"I would like to know who we would contact to find out what's going on here," said Burrs. 

We tried to contact the fire chief at his home and at the department and he wasn't anywhere to be found.  His wife told us he did not want to comment. 

The mayor says there is no reason for anyone to be concerned at this point.  "I don't want the citizens to be alarmed at whatever happens.  We're hoping that we can get everything straightened out and we can have the station back in service," said Skaggs.

The mayor said in the case of an emergency to call 911.  The dispatchers there know to contact either Boomer or Montgomery's fire departments.