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'DICE' strikes again leaving vehicles tagged with graffiti

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'DICE' strikes again; this time at a local fire department and on some state owned vehicles.

Charleston Fire Department's Assistant Chief, Owen Hawk, noticed his vehicle was hit sometime overnight.

"I was surprised, I mean you just don't expect anything like that," he said.

They were able to get the spray paint off but the incident still baffled the department.

This was just the latest in a string of graffiti incidents that centers around the word 'DICE'; one of the people Charleston Police believe is causing the trouble.

Three vehicles belonging to the West Virginia Bureau of Senior Services were also tagged with the word DICE overnight.  The vehicles were parked on the fifth floor of the Charleston Town Center Mall parking garage.

Mayor Danny Jones said the city is covering up the tags on local businesses and homes.

"We're going to keep going after him and cleaning up the mess and doing all we can do. He's frustrating us by what he's doing," Jones said.

Steve Edwards is in charge of the graffiti clean up and covered up the spray paint splashed across both Salvation Army buildings last week.

"We stay busy. Me and the other guy stay busy all of the time," he said.

It takes roughly $60,000 a year to keep the Capitol City free from graffiti mess, but the problem isn't as bad as it used to be.

"When I first started, we couldn't drive down an alley anywhere in Charleston without seeing graffiti and now, sometimes it's hard to find," Edwards said.

Still, Mr. Dice is frustrating police and city leaders.

He is also become more brazen with his personal message to local authorities. He recently sprayed 'we above the law' on a wall off of Florida Street.

"This guy might give up and go somewhere else. We hope he does. This is a tremendous violation," Jones said.

If you live in the city limits and your house or business has been tagged, call the Parks and Recreation office at 304-348-6860.

Edwards said his team will come and clean it up.