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Police search for Suspects In Two Huntington Home Invasions

Police search for suspects in two Huntington home invasions

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Two separate home invasions in two days have police looking for as many as eight suspects and this has neighbors on edge.

The first one happened at a home on the corner of 12th Avenue and 25th Street the night of Nov. 13, when three men broke into the home demanding money and drugs.
They got away with cell phones, cigarettes and an unknown amount of cash.
The second break-in, on the night of Nov. 14, happened at a home on Cabell Court near 4th Avenue and 25th Street.
The victim tells 13 News the burglars broke in the back door and made everyone inside lie face down while they robbed the place.

"They bust in.  They said, 'Where's your TVs? Where's your safe? Where's..' you know, wanting to know where all my stuff is. They put a gun to my head. They made us lay flat on the floor," says victim April Cremeans.

The suspects in both burglaries are at large.
Detectives can't say the incidents are related, but do say the suspects' methods are similar.
If you have information, you're asked to call Huntington Police.