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Vigil for dismissed state schools Superintendent draws crowd

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"There are rules we should go by, and everyone should have to play by all the rules," President of the West Virginia Education of Association, Dale Lee said. 

That's what these people believe; they showed up at a candlelight vigil held for fired state superintendent Jorea Marple.

This event was really more of a protest by teachers, legislators, friends and family who came out to support Dr. Marple.

Kenton McGraw of Charleston said, "She was extremely proud to get that job, as we were proud of her."

McGraw is the first cousin of former attorney general Darrell McGraw, Marple's husband. He says the former superintendent was accused of things that don't apply to her.

"Moral problem?"  That would never apply to Jorea Marple.  Not in a million years," said McGraw. 

Gail Manchin is a state Board of Education member.  Her vote was one of 5 to oust Marple.  Manchin said in an interview with The State Journal that she didn't think Marple was making the necessary changes to advance education in the Mountain State.

Dave Haney, Executive Director of the WVEA said, "I haven't heard those comments, but I have to tell you, Dr. Marple has only been in office for a short period of time."

Lee agrees. He  says they also have a problem with the way Marple was let go.  "I understand that Dr. Marple is a will and pleasure employee and they have the right to do what they did," said Lee.  "But, there is a process that you have to go through and if they had a difference of opinion on where education needed to go, then I'd like to know what that difference is." 

In the meantime, Marple's family says they aren't worried about the future of her career.

"She'll go on.  This is just a clink in the road," said McGraw.