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Murder victim's sister speaks out

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Charleston police are still investigating a murder that happened on Charleston's West Side on November 21.

A suspect has yet to be named, but the family of a man gunned down in the middle of the street is speaking out about the loved one they lost.

Clinton Green's family describes him as someone who was feared and loved. They also describe him as someone who did not deserve to die the way he did.

Clinton Green--or "Blue" as so many called him--was shot to death the Wednesday morning before Thanksgiving.

Charleston police responded to a domestic call on the 900-block of Main Street just after 2 a.m. on Wednesday.

But that's where they found Green's body lying in the street.

"My brother was a good guy," said Patricia "Mommy" Green, the youngest of the Green children. Patricia said in light of his murder, people have failed to remember the good about her big brother. "They never said he was a football star, that he was a fast runner, that he was fresh to death. He was mean, but he would help you."


Patricia said a man close to their family murdered him over a woman.

"The person who killed my brother, we grew up together... we knew each other's moms.

His sister admits Green had a history with a law, but it was just that: history. Patricia said Green became a man committed to turning his life around, even attempting to win custody of his child.

"I'm a realist. My brother lived on the streets," Patricia said "He was trying to change. I didn't think he was going to die in the streets. He was taken from me."

Now she said she must find a way to raise Green's 5-year-old child and care for his six other children.

But she worries how to keep them safe and off the streets, when it seems like the death toll keeps rising.

"They say this is a retirement state. This is a death state," Patricia said. "So many unsolved murders. Until I lost my last breath, I will not forget this one."