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Family, friends reunite with Airmen returning from Afghanistan

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After 6 and a half months of serving our country overseas, 6 more men from the 130th Airlift Wing have made their way home.

"I can't wait to watch his son run to him.  He's five years old.  He didn't get to be there for his first day of kindergarten," said Debbie McGraw, mother of an airman. 

Twenty minutes later, Staff Sergeant William McGraw walked into the airport lobby and spotted his boy.

"It was a little overwhelming to walk through and see him, to see the excitement on his face.  Just know how excited I am to see him," said McGraw. 

A few feet away, Autumn Faezell couldn't wait to see her husband, her three daughters anxiously awaiting their father.

"Oh, it was a great, great experience to see all of their happy faces, and everyone else who showed up to lend their support," said Faezell.

For these families, life has been tough.  "You're very proud, you're very proud and overexcited but at the same time you're nervous and you're scared.  You try to put that in the back of your mind but those feelings are always there," said Debbie McGraw. 

Finally now, life can return to normal and these men can spend this holiday season at home. 

These members of the 130th Security Forces Squadron were deployed as security for forces operating in Afghanistan.   

They were routinely put in harm's way and often came under enemy attack while performing their duties, qualifying them for the Combat Action Medal.