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Baby Jesus statue snatched from Huntington manger

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Snatched right out of the manger; that's what happened to the baby Jesus at one nativity scene.

The entire theft was caught on camera, too.

It happened on the 100-block of Fifth Avenue in Huntington last week.

"Within 12 hours of the nativity scene being put up, someone stole baby Jesus," said Becki Carpenter, who helped set up the nativity scene.

Surveillance cameras captured the incident, and the thief looks young.

"We were surprised. It was a young man who appears to be a college student or something, just come up on the porch, jump on the platform, grab baby Jesus, and take off," she said.

There's a replacement baby Jesus in the manger now, but the figure isn't hand-painted like the one that's missing.

Harmless prank or not, volunteers want the statue returned now.

"It was a very expensive set. It was hand painted, an antique look to it and it's just a beautiful scene. It's beautiful for the community to enjoy," she said.

There's been a lot of buzz around town about this video.

Now police hope some will recognize this real-life Grinch, who is making a mockery of a Christmas tradition many people hold very close to their heart.

Volunteers said they don't want to press charges against the guy, but they do think he should do 40 hours of community service once police catch up with him.

"We were shocked. Who would take baby Jesus from a nativity scene, especially this time of the year as we are preparing to celebrate the holidays?"

Call Huntington Police if you know who the thief is at 304-696-4420.