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Clay County man sentenced in murder-for-hire case

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A Clay County man pleaded with a judge on Wednesday for a lighter sentence in a murder for hire case, but the judge said he didn't hear any remorse from Brent Boggs so he issued the maximum sentence.

Boggs was caught on tape telling two undercover officers that he wanted his business partner's head brought to him in a bucket.

He addressed the court and talked about his future plans for Dan Kessler. "I hope Dan Kessler stays alive and well. Eventually when I leave prison or jail, I hope to go to Calhoun County and have him prosecuted," said Boggs.

He also told the judge on Wednesday that there were a lot of circumstances that had not been looked at in the case. Boggs argued those issues should earn him a lighter sentence.

Instead, the judge sentenced him to anywhere between one and three years in prison. It's part of a plea agreement with prosecutors.

An officer who was part of the undercover investigation called the sentence a "personal win".

Kessler said, despite that, he still fears for his safety. "Potentially he (Boggs) could still be a threat to the community."