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Local man helps people prep for Doomsday and beyond

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When patrons walk into Keller's Survival store on Charleston's West Side, they're confronted by a sign that reads,"Are you ready?"

"I've been preparing for a little while," said Roger Echols, who came to shop for items with his daughter Wednesday. "I've got a lot to do. I'm nowhere where I need to be."

"If you're living right, you don't have to worry about that," said another woman shopping at the store. "You can go up there with Him. It's the Rapture."

But whatever's brewing, Bob Keller wants the community to be prepared for anything. He sells everything from rope to food to gas masks to cross bows.

The Mayan calendar ends on December 21, 2012.

It could mean the world screeches to a halt...

"There are different types of Apocalypse," said Rick Raines, of Dunbar. "You got financial collapse, spiritual collapse."

...or that mankind enters a new era.

"Is there something to it? I don't know," said Bob Keller, the owner of the store, Keller's Survival. "And I don't think anybody else knows."

Keller said he is not too concerned about the December 21 deadline because he ordered stock items for his store after the Doomsday date; he also plans on expanding his business into the adjacent building.

On the days right after the June 29 storm and Hurricane Sandy, Keller opened his doors to customers. He even slept in an RV in the store's parking lot.

"People expect us to provide these items for them," Keller said. "We need to be able to take care of ourselves in the midst of these events, without government assistance."

He said people usually fall under one of three categories:

Survivalists: those who rely on weapons to stave off attacks

Homesteaders: those who already live in a state of self-reliance

and Preppers: those who are bracing for an unforeseeable disaster.

Keller said the customers he serves span all age groups, genders, races, and even philosophies.

"I had a customer come in and say he was going to move to Greenbrier County because there were thousands of caves in Greenbrier County because fire is going to sweep across the United States in April," Keller said. "I have a guy who's been prepping since he got back from Vietnam."

Both Keller and FEMA preach the "72-hour plan," which prompts people to sustain themselves for three days after a disaster, such as Hurricane Sandy.

Keller's Survival also offers a "bug-out bag" checklist, which covers supplies one might need to escape to a remote location.

Items include:

  • Emergency radio
  • Camp axe/shovel
  • Paracord
  • Fishing gear
  • GPS/compass
  • Extra batteries
  • Solar charger
  • Duct tape
  • Candles
  • Safety pins
  • Hunting knife
  • Water bottles
  • Multivitamins