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UPDATE: Suspect in daytime burglary ring pleads guilty

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Cody Fuller Cody Fuller
WANTED: Joshua Caudill WANTED: Joshua Caudill


A man accused of being a member of a daytime burglary ring pleaded guilty today.

Cody Dillon Fuller, 26, pleaded guilty to two counts of daytime burglary.  Fuller received a sentence of one to 10 years to run concurrent with a 54 month sentence on other charges.

Fuller will be in the custody of the WV Dept. of Corrections.



Charleston police have made a big break in a case that involves a rash of burglaries over the past few months.

On Wednesday night, officers with the Community Services Division arrested Cody Fuller, 26.

Fuller has been charged with transferring and receiving stolen property. He could also face more charges, police said.

Sergeant Bobby Eggleton said Fuller has been connected to burglaries in South Hills, the West Side, and even other counties.

"People are out there working hard trying to buy this stuff for their families and we have people like this who are kicking doors in and stealing it. It's time for that to stop," Eggleton said.

Earlier this week, investigators recovered $30,000 worth of property from these recent burglaries.

Detectives are in the process of reconnecting victims with their stolen laptops, jewelry, and flat screen TV's.

Fuller did not act alone, however, but his capture has put a big dent in this burglary ring.

Police said they are still looking for the ringleader behind this mess, Joshua Caudill.

Caudill is believed to be in the Charleston area.

"They describe themselves as professional burglars and they are. They go into a house. They case the place out. They kick the door in. They're in an out in less than seven minutes and they're out with your jewelry, your guns, and anything else they can carry. From there, they get rid of it pretty quick," Eggleton said.

In a jailhouse interview, Fuller admitted to 13 News he has gotten into a lot of trouble over the years.

He also said he is tired of hurting other people.

"Anytime I do something like that, I feel bad no matter what. It's not something I enjoy to do. I don't like doing these things to people. It hurts you deep down," he said.

Fuller said he does not expect his victims to forgive him, but that he is sorry for what he's done.

"Sorry doesn't work it seems. Sometimes people just ignore it. I mean it. At least I know I mean it," he said.

Fuller is a convicted felon and could spend a lot of time behind bars based on this pending case.

He said he will use his time in jail to reevaluate his life and try to change.

Call Charleston Police if you know where Caudill is at 304-348-6480.