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Agencies propose recording devices be installed in all new vehicles

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If you're driving a newer model vehicle, chances are you're not the only one along for the ride. 

One Charleston man said, "In an era where people are putting everything they know on Facebook, what does privacy really mean these days?"

Event-data recorders, or "black boxes" have been installed in most new vehicles, but if it's up to the The National Highway Traffic Safety Administration, those recorders will be mandatory. 

"When it becomes mandatory then it becomes something a little more tricky.  When you start building this stuff into everything we're doing, I'm concerned about that," said Robert Absten of Charleston. 

But not everyone has a bone to pick with this proposed legislation. 

Safety experts say knowing what happens in the minutes, or even seconds leading up to an accident will help save lives.

Gene Nelson, also of Charleston said, "It would make people more aware about their driving.  The plus side of that is that people might want them for their teenage kids' cars."

Smart phones, GPS, Onstar.  Data is already saved and recorded from all of these sources.

"Anyone who wants to find me who knows how to do it can find me with this thing right now," said Absten. 

This, according to many agencies, this is nothing new.

In the mean time though, some question if this is more about safety or dollars and cents.

"Most likely it's due to insurance rates, maybe increased accidents," said Joe Law.  "I don't really know the statistics.  It has to be the insurance companies see it as a way to keep more of their money."

According to the Associated Press, The National Highway Traffic Safety Administration is asking auto manufacturers to include event data recorders in all new vehicles in 2014.