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2 law enforcement agencies doing internal investigations on men

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Two law enforcement agencies are investigating their own after poor judgement landed one in jail and the other one caught on camera.

The buzz around town is getting mixed reactions from people who say some should be held to a higher standard.

Charleston Police Corporal Steven Webb is currently on paid administrative leave after he was arrested in Huntington over the weekend.

He has been charged with DUI and leaving the scene of an accident.

There was also another officer with Webb the night of the arrest. He was not charged with a crime but has also been placed on paid administrative leave.

Chief Brent Webster said both men have been with the department for more than 10 years. He said both have had clean records since they started.

Still, criminal charges are something the department takes very seriously, he said.

Webster said he is waiting for a report from the internal investigation before making any decisions.

Resident Mike Huber said the arrest was disappointing to hear.

"They are supposed to set an example and if they don't set the right example then what can you say? It's a bad system," he said.

A Boone County Sheriff's Deputy is also in hot water after an incident at the Exxon One Stop in South Ridge over the weekend.

The unnamed deputy was on duty and in the wrong county when he tried to find his wife.

The deputy ended up getting into a fight with another man who was with his wife.

"When he did find her, she was in their vehicle and had a male in the car with her," said Boone County Sheriff Rodney Miller.

Neither men wanted to press charges. However, the deputy could be suspended or even fired for violating department policies and procedures.

"He's embarrassed. Those were some of the first words out of his mouth. He said he was sorry for bringing this to you," Miller said.

The incident was caught on camera but will not be released right now, Miller said.  The video is part of his personnel file.

"Everybody makes mistakes, regardless if you're with politics or if you work at McDonald's. Everybody makes mistakes," said resident Camber Hager.

However, some mistakes can cost some people their jobs. Whether a person is on-duty or off-duty, people are watching those who are in charge.

"When you're a public official and you get in trouble, usually it draws more attention to it. So, therefore, you're usually treated a little bit worse, or a little bit stricter or a little bit tougher than regular folks," said Charleston Mayor Danny Jones.

Both departments are doing internal investigations on the men.

They could face suspension or even be fired.

Webb faces additional consequences since he has been charged with DUI. He could also lose his driver's license.