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Local man owns 450 guns, reacts to school shooting

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When 74-year-old, Philip Heck talks about guns, he has the same passion as when he talks about his model trains, tea sets and clocks - well, timekeepers of all kinds, from grandfather to his neatly displayed vintage pocket watches.

He calls them "mechanical gadgets," and guns are included.

"Most of this stuff here was made prior to 1911," Heck says, as he moves to another full walls of authentic military guns made in the 1920s, 30s and so on. "Anything that was used in the military gets my attention."

We agreed not to reveal the our exact location in this story.

The Sandy Hook Elementary shooting upset Philip and his wife Donna.

The initial reaction from politicians to push for increased gun control has upset them just as much.

"Continued annoyance at the fact that the mainstream news folks seemed content on demonizing the guns used, and not saying a whole lot about the shooter."

The shooter, Adam Lanza, reportedly had Aspergers Syndrome, like Autism, but usually less impactful.

The debate began immediately after we first learned how heavily armed Lanza was when he walked into the school.

"We need our freedom," says Donna Heck. "They're chipping away at our freedom all the time, and there'll be people that say oh, they're not normal. They can't have a gun. That's too tricky. We couldn't possibly answer that, and neither can the government."

The Hecks tell us limiting the types of guns that responsible people can have is not going to prevent a school shooting.