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How your post-Christmas trash can make you a victim

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A pretty town like Olive Hill, KY is not above ugly things happening in it.

As part of our story on Christmas theft, we look through a dumpster outside an apartment complex. Some boxes, which came in the mail, still have the addresses on them, with the apartment number.

"You don't have to go looking for something valuable to steal," says Olive Hill Police Patrolman James Frint. "They know exactly where to go, where it's at."

It's not uncommon to shred personal documents so you don't get your identity stolen. Police say you might want to do the same thing with the packaging your gifts came in, so you don't get your gifts stolen.

Lloyd Bond, of Olive Hill, thinks ahead, and takes his post-Christmas trash to a dumpster, at a place other than his home.

"So it can be disposed of quickly, 'cause trash works runs three times a week up there at that dumpster, so it's suitable to get rid of it."

Mr. Bond does this anytime he buys or receives something valuable that came in a box.

If he doesn't have time, he still takes precaution.

"We try and cut it up, and put it in plastic bags when we can't get to the dumpster."

It isn't the first thing people would think of, as they're coming down from their Christmas highs, and it may seem tedious to cut up the giant box your plasma t-v came in.

Still, police say it's worth it to make a crook think there's not anything in your home he can take to the pawn shop for cash, or keep for a Christmas gift of his own.