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Kanawha County parent banned from school property

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CEDAR GROVE, West Virginia -

Making sure schools are safe and secure is a top priority for many parents these days.

School administrators are also looking for ways to make certain students are safe throughout the school day.

Angela Ford is a single mom. She lives in eastern Kanawha County and all three of her children attend Cedar Grove Elementary. Ford says she regularly goes to the school in the mornings to sit with her girls while they eat breakfast.

"Because I work 10:30 a.m. to 7 p.m. six days a week in the mornings is really the only time that I have with my children," Ford said.

But this week she received a letter from the Kanawha County School Board's attorney James Withrow. It says she is to remain off of any Kanawha County Schools' property including Cedar Grove Elementary unless she has made an appointment in advance with the principal.

Ford says it all stems from an incident on December 19. She says she was talking to her oldest daughter about another child slapping the girl. Ford says a teacher stepped into the conversation and said he had it under control. Ford says the teacher then put his hand on her daughter to guide her away.

"I asked him to take his hands off my daughter. He refused to. He proceeded to put his hands on my shoulder and push me to the center of the cafeteria," Ford said.

The letter Ford received said that she "became very agitated in front of the children in the cafeteria and would not calm down, despite the efforts of the principal and school personnel."

Ford admits she got upset but says she doesn't believe she is the one who should be punished.

Cedar Grove Elementary's principal had no comment about this issue. We were referred to the school board's attorney.

Neither the attorney nor superintendent wanted to talk about this case. But agreed to speak in general terms.

"I think basically if the educational process is being disrupted for one reason or another it is to make sure that we keep things at a calm level where we can continue to teach and learn and do whatever we do at school," Duerring said.

The letter Ford received also said that she can't attend any Kanawha County School sponsored function.

The Kanawha County School Board attorney says parents who receive these types of letters can ask to have the decision reversed.

Right now there is no official policy in writing regarding proper parent conduct.