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Tears of joy fill Marsh Fork Elementary School's open house

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The highly anticipated new Marsh Fork Elementary School is here and it's got people excited.

Mile-wide smiles and tears of joy filled the new Marsh Fork Elementary Friday as parents and students toured their classrooms for the first time. From learning their assigned seats to picking out their locker, the Open House proved to be an eventful day.

One 3rd grader was overjoyed to see her new classroom.

"Are you ready? Close your eyes. Here we go. Wow. Awesome. How do you like it? Yeah! Way better than my old classroom," said Cheyenne Albarodo.

Superintendent Jim Brown is proud of his new addition. He said Marsh Fork Elementary ranks up with the top schools in West Virginia now. The state-of-the-art teaching equipment is one of the things he's proudest of.

One of the latest technologies Marsh Fork is excited about is the Smart Board. It's wireless, easy to use, kid friendly, right at their height, and interactive. Students can learn and play at the same time.

A kindergarten teacher explained why building a new school was so important.

"It's necessary because we've had so many closures in the community. Marsh Fork and Clear Fork, we have to include them too because their kids come over this way to the high school. It's just something the community needs. We went back to the bull dogs and the mascot we had before. There's people out of town and out of state that have ordered T-shirts and it's just exciting," said Tammy Gobble.

Parent of three Marsh Fork Elementary children explained what this new school means for his children.

"Great school. Very updated. Hopefully it'll be here for many years so they can come and enjoy their education," said Roger Clay.