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Accident prone area won't get a makeover anytime soon

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Charleston has seen an increase in the number of traffic accidents since 2010, according to crash data.

The most accident prone area remains the Oakwood Road, I-64, and Route 119 area.

Over the weekend, a motorcyclist lost his leg after he was hit by a car on Route 119.

The driver of the car was cited for failure to yield, according to Charleston Police.

"This one I would just classify as driver error on the person who was at fault. I mean, he should have been paying attention to the light but to other traffic as well and he wasn't doing so," said Lieutenant Shawn Williams, Charleston Police Department.

Most of the accidents seen in this area are due to driver error, police said.

Drivers need to pay attention to the road and not speed to lessen their chance of getting into an accident, Williams said.

Traffic accidents have remained just above 2,000 every year since 2008.

Accident data from 2012 will be released at the end of January, Williams said.

The motorcycle accident victim is recovering at Charleston Area Medical Center.

There are no plans to address the Oakwood area layout or change it in the near future, according to the DOH.