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Flu season sparks questions about prevention

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CHARLESTON, West Virginia -

Flu season is peaking early this year, according to the Kanawha Charleston Health Department.

Nursing Supervisor for Clinical Services at the Kanawha Charleston Health Department, Susan Foster says while the cases aren't necessarily more severe there are more of them.  

According to the Centers for Disease Control this flu season has already been a deadly one nationwide.

Many people locally are wondering how they can stay healthy.

Foster says one of the most common myths is that people will get sick from getting the flu shot. She says sometimes this belief keeps them from taking one of the most important steps to preventing the flu.

"People are waiting to get their flu shot during a flu season and then they have already been exposed to either the flu virus or something that may be circulating during the winter months," Foster said. "So people typically think the flu shot gave me the flu when in reality that's not the case at all."

She says the other best form of prevention is washing your hands. She says hand sanitizer can help with used along with soap and water throughout the day. But she says between the two, soap and water is best.

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