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Should teachers be armed?

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"If a gunman comes in a school, and there's other gunfire, it's just chaos," says Kitts Hill resident, Kratzenberg, "And there's still gonna be children being hurt."

Then we were more specific, asking "Should school districts allow some teachers to carry guns at school?"

Her tone changed.

"In another way, I think that they should carry 'em to protect the kids, so I'm kinda torn on what to do."

In our interview with Ohio mother, Ashlee Kratzenberg, we first asked "Should teachers be armed?"

The Ohio Attorney General says if a law-change came out of the Ohio legislature that lifted the ban on guns in schools, he would be alright with it.

"Somebody with a gun, who is well-trained, in the school system. I think that makes some sense," says Attorney General Mike Dewine in a phone interview with 13 News. "But I think there will be many school districts, that will not want to do that."

Green Local Schools Superintendent, Sandy Mers, says it would be nice to be able to allow certain teachers to carry guns, even if it just brings peace of mind to parents.

"Our community needs to know that we're doing everything we can possibly do to make our children safe," says Ms. Mers.

Superintendent Dean Nance of Ironton City Schools says he would not propose that every teacher be armed, but lifting the ban on guns in schools would give him more options in how he protects his students.

"If it becomes an option, I would definitely look, and consider allowing certain people, if I feel that it will make our schools safer."